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Aquaforno Paella Pan

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The traditional Spanish Paella Pan is perfect for stir- fry’s, Full English Breakfasts and Paella  and curries or anything else where a hob is normally used.

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 Aquaforno Paella Pan

  • Our very own bespoke Paella Pan adds another dimension to your cooking experience, the paella pan complements the wide range of culinary possibilities of the Aquaforno II.
  • Designed to sit perfectly on the top and middle sections of the Aquaforno II for ease of use and optimum heat distribution.The lid can be placed over the pan to protect the food from the elements meaning cooking in the Great Outdoors is no longer a problem!
  • The Aquaforno  Paella Pan is perfect for  delicious Stir- fry’s, the classic Full English Breakfasts, Paella, tasty Curries  and even Popcorn or anything else where a hob is normally used.
  • Perfect for producing greater quantities of food to suit larger groups of people.



  • 42 cm  Tough enamelled finish, easy to clean, no seasoning necessary
  • Suitable for gas hobs, paella gas burners or open fire
  • Can be used in any part of the stove including directly on the fire pit.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 cm

Aquaforno II

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