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Aquaforno II Black

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The ultimate in outdoor cooking stoves for a truly enhanced outdoor experience.

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Aquaforno II Black

  • For the simplest of solutions to outdoor living. With an Aquaforno your culinary world opens up like never before. From rustic tasting pizzas cooked within minutes in the pizza oven  to slow roasted lamb, casseroles,  baked potatoes and grilled kebabs, anything is possible and everything tastes delicious. Whether you prefer grilling or smoking, fish, meat or veg, The Aquaforno can make your experience of outdoor living exactly as you like it. Choose the food you love, go to the place you love.
  • The internal kettle gives hot water on tap at the same time as cooking. What’s more, while enjoying the feast you have cooked up, you can relish in the warmth that the Aquaforno generates  making it the perfect patio heater  for all your home comforts in one!
  • The ovens are made of high quality mild steel with a porcelain enamel finish making it very robust,durable and easy to clean. The telescopic system of each section means it can be packed away to a convenient space saving size and can be taken to any of your favourite destinations whether it’s the beach or the campsite.
  • Each section can be separated so if you fancy the open flame of a fire pit, simply remove the upper sections and there you have it- but still with the possibility of the hot water on tap and the grill to bbq the things you love.


Optional items: Aquaforno Carry Case

                          : Aquaforno Paella Pan

Included with every stove;

  • Pizza stone  – superior quality specifically for high temperatures                                                               
  • Heat resistant Gloves
  • Kettle & Tap
  • Grill
  • Grate
  • Hanging racks  
  • Instruction manual

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Aquaforno II

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