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Frequently Asked Questions

What fuel can I use?

Charcoal, wood or a mixture of both. Lump-wood charcoal is generally of better quality and perfect for cooking. Dry, seasoned wood works best – if there is too much smoke being produced, create a flame in the fire pit and the smoke will disappear. More fuel is needed for cooking high temperature items such as pizzas. When it is up to temperature

What can I cook on my Aquaforno?

Absolutely anything! The list is endless. With the grill, the oven and the water boiler working simultaneously,

The Aquaforno can be used to cook anything that you cook in your kitchen. The Aquaforno can be used as a wood fired oven for the perfect pizza as well as a slow oven for delicious casseroles, tagines or roasts. Perfect for vegetarians to cook their food separately (but at the same time as their fellow meat eaters!). The top oven can cook around 20 baked potatoes in one go so great for parties and gatherings. Bake some cookies for the kids or toast those marshmallows. It can be used as a smoker too and great to sit around after some al fresco dining for some cosy warmth.

Where can I use my Aquaforno?

Absolutely anywhere! On of the best features of the Aquaforno is it’s portability -use it on the patio, in the garden, for picnics, parties, festivals, campsites- take it to your friends, relatives- in fact wherever you go to pursue your favourite pastimes, you can take your Aquaforno.

How do I fill the water reservoir?

Just pour the water in to the filler on the left side of the lower section- you will be able to see when it is at full capacity.

How long does it take to boil the water?

If the fire is going well, it will take roughly 6 minutes to get up to boiling capacity each time it is filled up.

Do I have to put water in the reservoir when I’m using my Aquaforno?

No – this is not necessary. The Aquaforno will work perfectly whether there is water or not. Likewise if the water boils dry, it is not a problem.

How do I clean my Aquaforno?

Once the ash is disposed of, it is easy to either wipe or hose down the Aquaforno. The stainless steel model will withstand the wet and cold weather better than the black model but this can be packed away and this will keep its condition for longer. The grills and the boiler are made of stainless steel so can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

How do I pack the unit away?

Simply remove the pizza stone, grill and boiler- use the gloves if still hot. Twist the top section and slide down – repeat for the middle section. Place the lid upside down on to the 3 packed sections and the grills and pizza stone on top of the lid.

Place the gloves or a table cloth in between the sections to protect from scratching.

Can I pack my Aquaforno away immediately after use?

Absolutely- just make sure the fire is completely extinguished first. Use the gloves to separate the sections and place on the ground to cool. Dispose of the ash responsibly. The sections cool down incredibly quickly so no need to wait for ages. Re-assemble the sections and pack away as above.

Will I enjoy my Aquaforno?

We certainly hope so! Whether you are a ‘ready-made’ cook or a real foodie, anything cooked on the Aquaforno tastes wonderfully delicious. You can go traditional or experiment to your heart’s content, but if there are any issues, do not hesitate to contact us and we will talk you through how to make the best of your Aquaforno. We will also be posting different types of recipes on the website for you to try at your leisure. The Aquaforno generates a lot of heat so after enjoying a tasty meal, it’s great to sit around as a patio heater but with the added advantage of being able to make a hot beverage easily.

Delivery and self collection

Any orders place via our website will be confirmed by email. A further email with a tracking number will be sent prior to delivery. Customers may arrange self collection with prior arrangement.
We are based in West Berkshire, near Theale, Junction 12 of the M4. Please call in advance so we are sure to have your order with us.

Returns, cancellations and Refund policy

Any item ordered can be cancelled within 7 days of the order date.

Any unused item can be returned for a full refund within 14 days on condition the buyer has informed Aquaforno Ltd in writing via email or letter.

Packaging must be intact as when received or photographic evidence to prove otherwise is required. Aquaforno Ltd will arrange collection of the Aquaforno unless the customer chooses to pay for the return at their cost and responsibility that it is returned undamaged.

If you encounter any problems with your Aquaforno once received, please contact where we will attempt to resolve the issue. Any goods damaged on receipt will be replaced on condition that this can be shown through photographic evidence of any damage. Please check for interior and exterior damage to the boxes it is delivered in as this will indicate where and how any damage occurred.

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