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A Portable Revolution

Designed in Berkshire, every Aquaforno is built specially by hand.

We start with the finish

All Aquaforno units use high grade stainless steel kettles as these are designed to handle the extended exposure to high heat within the unit. The kettles are designed to be removed in just a few seconds for easy cleaning. Water can be added at any time.

Matt Black

Our black units are made of mild steel finished with a very high temperature powder coat. The finish is very effective through our normal operating temperature range but is not suited to sustained periods outside between use.

Stainless Steel

Our stainless units are constructed of 430 Grade stainless steel drums. The surface will tarnish quite quickly to a rustic patina but the steel is tough. The high temperature areas will blue slightly but the surface finish can be polished using a scotch brite polishing wheel if desired.

Hot water on demand

The Aquaforno’s unique capability, the Aquaforno has an internal, removable water reservoir allowing you to have boiling water on tap whenever the unit is fired up.

Collapse and go

When considering portability, Aquaforno bags are designed to be worn as a backpack by one user or carried by two people using the carry handles and as all Aquafornos are modular, larger groups can divide up a unit and all carry a section of the Aquaforno easily.

The Perfect Pizza Oven

From Pizza to slow roasts the choice of food is endless. Home made or ready made - both taste delicious. Check out our recipe suggestions for inspiration or enjoy your old favourites. The Aquaforno cooks up to 20 delicious fluffy baked potatoes simply wrapped in foil in one go or rustle up some fish finger wraps and oven chips to keep the kids happy.

The Best Barbeque in the Campsite

The grills can be used whether your Aquaforno is fully stacked, cooking on the highest level or even if you are using the fire pit as a small portable grill. The vent in the front door will also help you regulate temperature. Steaks, kebabs, burgers, grilled vegetables, or toasted marshmallows, all cook to perfection.

Where there's smoke there's a smoker

When Fully up the grill and stone can be repositioned to turn the upper section from baking or roasting to smoking. Just drop stove rope seals in place and you are ready for hot smoking anything from a shoulder of pork to ribs. It can even be used with a cold smoke generator for home smoked salmon, hams of cheeses.

It’s getting hot in here...

We have added clip on hangers to the design to allow you to dry wet clothes & shoes when you are out and about. The base emits enough heat to allow a dough to rise even on a chilly day and you can even dry your own wood on the pizza stone once the fire has died down.

Built to the Millimetre


29.5 cm x 44.5 cm
99 cm
Water Reservoir
1.5 litres
18 kg


26.5 cm x 37 cm
80 cm
Water Reservoir
0.9 litres
13 kg

Are you impressed?

We certainly hope so! Whether you are a 'ready-made' cook or a real foodie, anything cooked on the Aquaforno tastes wonderfully delicious. You can go traditional or experiment to your heart's content, but if there are any issues, do not hesitate to contact us and we will talk you through how to make the best of your Aquaforno.


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