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Customer testimonials

“This is a cracking bit of kit. We are all keen on a bbq in our house and this is a thing of beauty. It’s properly multipurpose. We have cooked all sorts of food on it; pizzas, sausages, homemade bread, lasagne, jacket potatoes, steak, kebabs, leg of lamb, roast potatoes – everything we can think of! The oven works very well, it gets incredibly hot if you pile up the fuel so pizzas cook in minutes. I also love the integral kettle as I particularly love a brew. We have taken it to festivals, camping and in the campervan. The whole unit is quite big but it can be split so you can take only the section you want. Having said that it has it’s own rucksack so it’s OK to carry. Splitting it into separate parts (it telescopes into itself) was a little fiddly at first but no worries once you get used to it and it means it packs away pretty small – not much bigger than mini portable bbq.  If you like bbqing you love this, get one – it’s brill.”  Matt H
Rustled up an amazing pizza in my @aquaforno this weekend, kids reckon it was the best they’ve ever had” – Qubetents
“Our camping trip was a huge success and everyone LOVED the Aquaforno – so much so that it’s been given a name ‘Regina Cucina’ 😊
A snapshot of the just the first two days of cooking included:
  • Grilled sausages
  • Toasted brioche
  • Three pizza’s from whole wheat crust, with 1) bruschetta, basil, prosciutto, goat cheese, truffle oil, bresaola, raclette, potatoes
  • Roasted chicken
  • Roasted pork chops
  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Ratatouille
  • Apple & pear Crisp
  • Sweet cornbread
  • Toasted croissants
  • All cooked over charcoal.” Gina G
“I took my Aquaforno to school yesterday and spent the day outside cooking with some of the children, we all loved the pizzas and upside down pineapple cakes we made in it” – Mandy A

Aquaforno II

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