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The Perfect Pizza

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Got your Aquaforno? Ready to get raring (literally?) Where to start though- will you be using the grill to cook up some delicious meats? Will you be perfecting the toasty long-lasting fire for you and the family to sit around the firepit? How about spending the day tending to some flavour bursting smoked fish with the smoker? How about we start with the perfect, authentic pizza?


First things first,  it’s all about the preparation. This is especially if you want to make your dough from scratch (for a quick and deliciously thin base try tortilla wraps instead). We like this dough recipe from BBC Good Food, link, or try our very own Sourdough recipe which you can find here.


Next set up your toppings for the whole family to make their pizzas, in the form of a mini station. We are a fan of this nice and easy homemade tomato base sauce by Bigger Bolder Baking, which you can view here. Plus plenty of cheeses, vegetables, meats, fish and even pineapple (if you are one of those :)).


Time to get that fire started- the aim is to get your Aquaforno nice and hot so your pizzas cook to perfection.  Ideally you want your Aquaforno to hit around 450 degrees. The great thing about the pizza oven section is, due to its enclosed structure your pizza gets a perfect all-round cooked finish, yum!


Once your pizzas are loaded with their toppings you need to ensure the heat has settled (important as this will prevent your pizza from burning). Once ready slide your pizza on to the hot stone. To prevent your pizza stone from getting too hot- try using a damp cloth on it before cooking your first one.

Leave the pizza in the pizza oven for a few minutes or until you see the toppings start bubbling away. Use the pizza peel to remove it from the stone, cut in to slices and serve.


We like to top ours with fresh rocket and some homemade chilli oil like this one by Alpha Food. For something a little different, try truffle oil, our favourite is this one by Truffle Hunter.

Now, time to pour a glass of wine and sit around with blankets and the fire pit as you enjoy your pizzas! 


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