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It’s World Vegan Month! How are you Celebrating?

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We are so lucky that mother nature provides us with a constant, vibrant and vast harvest of food and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate World Vegan Month than by sharing a feast with friends outside surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Barbecue, barbeque, BBQ, Braai…whatever your name for it, this popular form of cooking is just that; a way of cooking, a style, a method and another way to describe the occasion of people
coming together to share this food.

Methods of cooking are all inclusive, they do not exist for meat alone; no, fire has been used by our ancestors to cook since before records began, cooking with fire is the most natural, traditional and simplistic way of cooking there could possibly be. So, let’s raise the vibrant sizzling skewers, take a hunk out of our favourite plant burgers and light that fire.

Grilled, smoked, fried, baked, fire blasted, bbq’ed, slow cooked, rotisseries the humble but hardy and wondrous veg can handle it all. So this month pull the family and friends together, get outside, gather around your glowing Aquaforno fire pit, pour the mulled cider and (meat-eater or not) toast to

family bbq

We’ve collated our TOP 5 all time favourite veggie powered recipes perfect for cooking over fire this November….with an extra special nod towards those more hearty, warming Thanksgiving dishes:

1. Let the veggies sing!
This take, from BOSH, on the classic Hungarian Goulash has us fighting over the last dumpling! (Fast forward to 6:00 mins.)
To recreate on your Aquaforno – utilise your paella pan
and/or the internal stove function to recreate outside.

2. Adding some fizz to the fire
with this drool worthy meaty mushroom recipe from Avant Garde.
To recreate on your Aquaforno – utilise both the BBQ grill
and internal stove functions of the stove.

3. The PEAKan on the pie of nut roasts!
We challenge you to not go in for seconds of these nut roasts from GoodFood and Mina Made.
To recreate on your Aquaforno – utilise the internal
bbq function of the stove.

4. Grilled Sweet Potato Steaks with Coriander Garlic Drizzle
from the Foodnetwork or for the coriander avoiders amongst us; we love to pair this with a drizzle of some balsamic vinegar (the seriously good stuff) and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds.
To recreate on your Aquaforno – utilise your grill rack.

5. A pillowy wood fired wrap stuffed with crunchy and sweet delights by the Minamilst Baker.
To recreate on your Aquaforno – attach your pizza stone, grill rack and bake, 3 in one, done!

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