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Lockdown Entertainment: Netflix & Grill

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Lockdown, we meet again. It’s understandable to feel uneasy and restless right now; with thoughts of recent months past and the short lived taster of ‘normality’ we have all been teased with, now once again becoming a thing of the past. Weeks and days are soon to all merge into one and we await for the moment where we can see family and friends once more, all the while, doing, well – not a great amount! We think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had our fill of banana bread and sourdough this year already – so that’s two things off the lockdown to-do list.


With the weather a little cooler, mornings and evenings a little darker and the warm summer walks far behind us, it’s time to begin thinking outside of the box in order to keep the family entertained throughout the next month. 

We are here to help! It’s time for a series dose of Netflix & Grill to keep you and the family entertained throughout lockdown.

With Netflix dishing their fair share of addictive drama spin-offs, thought provoking documentaries and an impressive lineup of fantastically cheesy, Christmas Specials.  It’s the perfect time to fire up the Aquaforno and take your ‘Netflix & Chill’ to a whole new level! Let’s be honest we’ve all had enough chill this year, right? 

Get those giant marshmallows on order, hunt down that boujee jar of ndjua in the back of the cupboard and reach for that dusty bottle of mulled wine you’ve always meant to mull but never have. S’mores, pizza parties, hot chocolate and mulled wine on tap – it’s time to cosy up around your Aquaforno, have some real fun and ‘Netflix & Grill’.

Read on for a whole heap of ways the Aquaforno II can provide no end of lockdown entertainment throughout round 2…


Perfect for socialising, eating and relaxing. Make some dough for your pizzas in the morning, prepare some tomato sauce and put out a range of toppings upon your pop up ‘pizza station’, let each member of the family whip up their own speciality combination and cast your votes on the overall masterpiece! Top Tip: for uber easy pizzas you can always use tortilla wraps (the ultimate super, thin, crispy and easy pizza – delizioso).  


The Aquaforno II has you covered for every aspect of a lockdown Bonfire Night, it is your ultimate winter sidekick! Whip up a hearty chilli using the large paella pan over the stove, bake your giant potatoes in the middle stove section for perfectly crisped on the outside and deliciously fluffy on the inside jacket potatoes. Once you’ve finished feasting, it’s time to gather around the fire pit, light a sparkler and linger over a hot choccy (delivered directly from the Aquaforno kettle), now that’s what we’d call the perfect evening! 


With so many cooking functions at your disposal- why not put them all to the test? Who can make the best homemade smoked brisket, burgers, fragrant curry, rotisserie Piri Piri chicken, wood fired loaf, pumpkin pie? Designate a night of the week for each member of the family (under necessary supervision ;)) to take centre stage in a bid to become the weekly ‘Cooking with Fire Champion’! 


Christmas markets may be off the menu this year but there’s no reason why we can’t recreate their magic in our own back gardens? Bratwursts, check. Sauerkraut, check. Finger rolls, check. Mulled cider and wine, check. All cooked on your Aquaforno II. Why not combine your christmas at the market this year with crafting some homemade Christmas decorations and blasting out the carols too! 

What are you waiting for- lets turn the heat up this Lockdown, purchase your Aquaforno II here.

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