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Pitta Bread

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(serves 8)

Fast acting yeast                                                                 7g

Strong white bread flour, plus some for dusting   500g

Salt                                                                                      5g

Olive Oil                                                                          1tbsp

Warm water                                                                    300ml



1. Mix the yeast with 300ml warm water in a large bowl. Leave to sit for 5 mins until the yeast is bubbly then add in the flour, salt and olive oil. Bring the mixture together into a soft dough. Don’t worry if it looks a little rough round the edges!

2. Tip the dough onto a lightly floured work surface, or you can use a dough mixer if you have one. Knead for 8-10 mins until you have a soft, smooth and elastic dough. Try to knead using as little extra flour as possible, just enough so that the dough doesn’t stick. This will keep the pittas light and airy. Once kneaded, place in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a damp tea towel or cling film and leave to double in size, for around 1.5 hour.

3. Heat Aquaforno oven as high as 230c and place the pizza stone on the middle shelf of the Aquaforno to get really hot. Divide the dough into eight balls and then flatten each into a disc with the palm of your hand. On a lightly floured surface, roll each disc into an oval, around 20cm long, 15cm wide and 3-5mm thick.

4. Carefully open the oven door and take a damp tea towel and wipe the top of the pizza stone, this will allow any smoke to come off the stone. Place your pittas directly onto it (you may have to do this in batches). Close the oven door and bake for 4-5 mins, or until the pittas have puffed up and are a pale golden colour. Wrap each hot pitta in a clean tea towel once it’s baked to keep it soft while the others cook.

5. Enjoy with some nice hummus or fresh tzatziki or use to make a lovely lunch time sandwich

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