Grilled Seabream - Aquaforno

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Grilled Seabream

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(serves 2)

Sea Bass: Whole gutted & cleaned                                 2


Garlic Butter:

Butter: Softened            250g

Parsley: Chopped            30g

Garlic: paste                       5g

Chives: finely sliced         10g

Salt                                      5g

Pepper                                5g

Preserved lemons:

Whole Unwaxed Lemons: Sliced                                   3

Caster Sugar                    50g

Salt                                      3g

Water                            100ml



Garlic butter:

1. Add all ingredients together and mix

2. Once mixed, place it in the cavity of the fish.

3. Keep it on the tray with the wire rack and place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Preserved Lemons:

1. Add everything (caster sugar, salt and water) except the lemons to a pan and bring to the boil.

2. Once boiled, take off of the heat and add sliced lemons.

3. Leave to cool and then transfer to an airtight container.Leave in the icebox or fridge until needed.


To Cook:

1. Heat the Aquaforno up for the grill to be used reaching a temp of 180/200c

2. Dry the fish with kitchen towel on the inside and out. Place on a tray with a wire rack on top to ‘dry’ the fish

3. Once the Aquaforno has got to temperature, take the fish out of the icebox/fridge. Give the skin of the fish another dry with kitchen towel, and then lightly oil it to help it to not stick to the grill.

4. Place fish on the grill, hearing an instant sizzle, leave to cook for 5 minutes on its side then flip it over for another 5 minutes.

5. The fish should be soft and flaky and oozing with garlic butter.

6. Place on serving board and top with preserved lemons, sprinkle some fresh chopped parsley

7. Serve with some roasted spuds or courgettes and peppers.

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