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Yorkshire Pudding

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(serves 8)

Olive oil                        250g

Salt/Pepper to taste

Eggs                                     3

Whole milk                  300ml

Butter                           1 tbsp

Onions, finely sliced          2

English mustard         1/2 tsp

stock (from a stock cube, ideally beef although chicken or vegetable is fine)                                        500ml

Plain flour                      1 tbsp



1. To make the Yorkshire Pudding batter, sieve the flour into a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

2. Make a well in the middle and break in the eggs.

3. Whisk the eggs slowly into the flour. Once combined, pour in the milk whilst you whisk so that you have a smooth, lump-free batter the consistency of cream (if the batter is too thick then add a little milk).

4. Cover the batter and rest in the fridge for one hour.

5. Heat the Aquaforno up to 220c placing the pizza stone on. Whilst heating up, add your desired dish with a tablespoon of oil in to get hot as well. Once the dish and oil are very hot, carefully pour your batter in. Close the doors and lid and allow to cook for 10 minutes until they rise up and getting golden brown.

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