Spiced Wedges - Aquaforno

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Spiced Wedges

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(serves 4)

Baking potatoes      1.5KG

Olive oil                    30ml

Smoked paprika      3tbsp

Dried thyme             2tbsp


Dried coriander        1tsp

Mixed herbs             2tbsp

Mild chilli powder    2tbsp


1. Light the Aquaforno. These can be cooked in the top oven or on the grill if you are cooking something simultaneously.

2. Peel and cut potatoes into wedges and rinse under water.

3. Place potatoes in a bowl.

4. Add all ingredients together and mix well.

5. Place the potatoes into a baking dish or use foil to make a dish.

6. When the flames have subsided, place on the grill.

7. Roast on the grill for 40 minutes, until crispy on the outside  and  beautifully soft inside.

8. Use as a side dish or a quick snack with some dips.

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