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(serves 8)

Carrots shredded                                                         3

Savoy cabbage shredded                                         1/2

Pork mince                                                                      200g

Grated garlic clove                                                       2

Spring onion chopped                                                1 bunch

Grated ginger                                                               2 tbsp

Soy sauce                                                                       50ml

Sesame seed oil                                                           2 tbsp

Gyoza wrappers                                                           1 pack



1. In a bowl, add carrots, cabbage and leeks together, sprinkle salt around and mix well. Leave the mix in a bowl for two hours, this will allow the moisture to be removed.

2. After a couple hours, squeeze the mix to remove as much liquid as possible, and place in another bowl.

3. Add pork mince to the squeezed vegetables, and then add soy, ginger, garlic and sesame seed oil. Mix well and leave to the side.

4. Take the gyoza wrappers and a tbsp of the filling. Place it in the wrapper, dip your finger in water and run a little around the sides and fold the edges making little folds, and leave to the side.

5. Once all are wrapped, heat up Aquaforno with the paella pan on top instead of the lid.

6. Add some oil to the bottom of the paella pan and heat the oil to the point where it starts to smoke. Carefully place the dumplings in the pan and let them brown up.

7. Boil water via the kettle and then take the hot water and pour it in to the pan to bring the water level to half way above the dumplings.

8. Place the lid onto and cook for 8-12 minutes, until most of the water has dissolved.

9. Serve with sweet chilli sauce or soy sauce and enjoy as a starter or a snack!

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