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Christmas Leftover Croque Monsiour

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(serves 6)

Butter                           200g

Flour                            200g

Milk                              250ml

Dijon Mustard             2tsp

Gruyere Cheese        60g

Cheddar Cheese       50g

Brie Cheese Slices

Fresh Loaf Bread

Cranberry Sauce

Butter                         150g

Leftover turkey         10 Slices

Salt and Pepper

Nutmeg                     1/2 tsp



Cheese sauce:

1. In a sauce pan melt butter, once melted slowly add in the flour until it completely combines together and cook out for a minute

2. Slowly add the milk in little but little whisk constantly

3. Once all the milk as been added add in the cheddar and gruyere in 3 steps and continue moving the mix around to melt.

4. Once melted add salt, pepper, nutmeg and dijon.

5. Set aside for assembly Preheat the Aquaforno to 300c with the pizza stone in

Once its reached temp assemble sandwich

The ideal way to reach a nice golden brown top is lots of high heat and a cold skillet!
Before putting the sandwich in give the lid a little wipe in the inside, as this will help the heat reflect down to act as a grill. The cold skillet will allow the bottom of the bread to get nice and crusty but not burn it. Using something like cast-iron that takes a while to heat up is you best bet, or turning a baking dish upside down with 1/2inch-1inch clearance to not have the bottle directly touching the pizza stone.

6. Butter one side of your bread and place that faced down.

7. Add a little cheese sauce onto then sliced turkey and a few slices of brie

8. Place the other piece of bread on top and spread so more cheese sauce over the top.

9. Place sandwich on a cold skillet and place onto of the pizza stone cook in the oven until golden brown


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