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Rotisserie Duck

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(serves 6)

Whole duck          1

5 spice powder    3tsp

Hoisin sauce

Cucumber             1

Spring onion         1 bunch




1. Set the Aquaforno up ready to use the rotisserie.

2. Place a good amount of coals on the base and fire up with a few logs. Get the coals nice and hot then try to distribute them around the edges of the base with only a few in the middle.

3. On the second level, place the grills on.

4. Prepare the duck by taking the giblets out and rubbing the 5 spice powder around the skin of the duck.

5. Pierce the duck skin all over with a fork without going through to the meat.

6. Place the duck on to the rotisserie spit.

7. Once the coals are hot and ready, place the duck on. Then, on the grills, place a drip tray with an inch of water in under the duck to help not create flare ups.

8. Let the duck cook for about 2 1/2 hours with the lid on. Check every 30 minutes to make sure there is still water in the drip tray and feeding a little more coal half way through. Keep the temperature around 160-175c

9. Once the duck is cooked through and has a nice crispy skin, take it off the rotisserie and let it rest for 10 minutes.

10. Shred the meat off the duck and leave aside.

11. Slice the cucumber into small batons and thinly slice the spring onion.

12. Follow directions for pancakes on packages.

13. Serve up and enjoy

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