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Stout Chilli

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(serves 6)

Beef Mince (10%)          690g

Olive Oil

Dark Stout Beer          200ml

Garlic: Minced

Tomato Paste              3 tbsp

Chilli Powder                  2tsp

Ground Cumin            3 tbsp

Coriander: Roughly chopped                         10g

Dried Oregano           3 tbsp

Smoked Paprika           4tsp

Garlic Powder               3tsp

Onion Powder              3tsp

Cayenne powder (optional)                                           1tsp


Black pepper

Chopped Tinned Tomatoes                                         800g

Red Kidney beans: Drained                                        400g

Bell Pepper: Small Diced 2

Spring onion: Thinly sliced greens

Sour Cream (Optional)



1. Heat up a dutch oven or cast iron pan with high walls on top of the pizza stone or straight onto of the grills.

2. Once hot, add a little oil and the beef mince.

3. Break down the mince making sure is getting evenly cooked and browned.

4. Once meet is nice and brown, take out and leave in a bowl for later.

5. Add: onions, garlic and tomato paste to the pot and cook until they start to soften up. Then add the spices: cumin, coriander, chilli powder, oregano, paprika, garlic and onion powder, cook those for a few minutes as well.

6. De-glaze with stout beer and let the liquid reduce for a few minutes.

7. Bringing the temperature down to a medium/low heat, put the beef mince back into the pot and mix.

8. Then, add the tinned tomatoes, kidney beans, peppers to the pot.

9. Close the oven door and let stew for 20 minutes.

10. Check the seasoning.

11. Add chopped coriander through it (optional)

12. Enjoy it with some fresh and warm jalapeño bread

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