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Rotisserie Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce

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(serves 4)

Red peppers                         4

Olive Oil                            30g

Garlic Cloves Crushed         2

Sherry Vinegar                 20g

Blanched Peeled Almonds                                            100g

Smoked Paprika                4g


Plum Tomatoes, chopped    4

Fresh Parsley                   20g

Large Cauliflower                 1

Manchego Cheese (optional)




1. Bring a large enough pot for the cauliflower to fit in to the boil with salted water

2. Once to the boil, submerge the cauliflower in whole and boil for 3 minutes.

3. Take out and place on a wire rack to cool down

**Blanching the cauliflower in salted water make the roasting time quicker and also allows to season the veg, keeping it moist will stop it from drying as much in the oven.**


Romesco Sauce:

1. Grill the red peppers until they’re nice and charred

2. Add all ingredients apart from the whole cauliflower to a food processor

3. Start mixing in the food processor and slowly add in the oil. **You want the romesco to be smooth but have some small bits/chunks

4. Once blended, pop the sauce into pan and cook for a few minutes on a simmer (small flame fire), check the seasoning is to your taste.

5. Once cooked, remove from heat and keep aside for later or keep in a sealed jar or bag for another day; it can also be frozen.


To Cook:

1. Fire up Aquaforno to reach a temp of 190/250c rotisserie.

2. Once at the desired temperature, take the blanched cauliflower and brush it with a little bit of the romesco sauce.

3. Once on the rotisserie, try to roast the cauliflower nice and slowly. Turn and baste with more sauce every so often and cook for 20/30 minutes. (keep lid off when rotisserie to allow enough smoke to escape as it will flame up when the sauce drips down).

4. Place on serving board and top with Romesco sauce, sprinkle some fresh chopped parsley and grated manchego cheese (optional)

5. Serve with some roasted or grilled peppers and rice.

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