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Autumn @ Aquaforno

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Exciting things have been happening at Aquaforno recently with two new staff members, a new production run and lots of delicious recipes being developed uniquely for Aquaforno by our new In-House Chef, Chelsia.

We would like to introduce you to Annie and Chelsia, our two new staff members. Annie takes care of our customers and all things administrative with a keen eye for order amid the chaos, whilst Chelsia is developing great recipes for use on the Aquaforno II. Welcome aboard Annie & Chelsia!

Chelsia’s Portuguese and Canadian background brings a multi-cultural aspect to the development of recipe ideas which we love and look forward to sharing many suggestions from cuisines around the world. Her background is impressive having worked for Heston Blumenthal and Tom Kerridge and her very gung-ho attitude to working solely with the Aquaforno is amazing. In her short time with us, she has already got to grips with working outside in all weathers and fine tuning the cooking experience to create some wonderful dishes. Watch this space for some truly impressive information as she becomes a master of the Aquaforno which she will be sharing regularly here at, Facebook & Instagram. Read her Bio and background here

Autumn is here and what perfect time of year to get cosy with heart warming food after enjoying the glorious Autumnal colours outside. Over the coming months we will be sharing lots of simple and delicious recipes as well as tips and tricks to get the best out of your Aquaforno II. Members of the Aquaforno Owners’ Group will also have access to premium content from Chelsia for those true foodies out there!

Chicken Tikka Masala on the Aquaforno II

To kick off this week we are celebrating Diwali with Chelsia’s sublime Chicken Tikka Masala and other great Indian recipes to follow. So check them out on Facebook and Instagram to get the most up to date ideas.

Coming soon….. We are also launching a special Aquaforno cooking channel on YouTube and hosting regular events at The Aquaforno Cookery school from next Spring, so be prepared to be amazed at the huge array of food choices available with an Aquaforno II, wherever you are, whatever you are doing in the Great Outdoors.

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