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Apple Crumble

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 Apple Crumble -Serves 6


8 oz plain flour

4 oz  cold butter, cubed

6-8  medium apples

4 oz soft brown sugar

3 oz – 5 oz cranberries/raisin/nuts if desired



Rub the flour and butter together to make fine a fine breadcrumb mixture. 

Add some of the sugar to the crumble mix.

Cut the apples into slices and place into a bowl

Add  some of the sugar and any dried fruit and/or nuts so that the apple slices are coated with the sugar.

Grease the sides and base of a deep baking dish or individual dishes.

Layer the apple slices into the baking dish(es) leaving approximately an inch from the top for the crumble.

Place the crumble mixture on top of the apple mixture. 

Put lids on to the baking dishes and place in the top oven onto the stone.

Cook for 45 minutes or until the crumble is crispy and brown.

Remove the lids for the last 10 minutes so the crumble mixture crisps up.

Serve with cream or ice cream for a wonderful hot and cold contrast. 


Stove instructions

Light the stove with lump wood charcoal or wood- a mixture of both works well to retain the heat.  Use enough fuel to cover the lower grate which should ensure it will last without having to add more. Then place the  Apple Crumble in to the stove when the flames have subsided and the embers are glowing.  Keep an eye on the fuel and add small amounts to keep the oven hot enough if necessary. Use the lower vents to control the heat.

Why not pop some water in to the kettle and savour  a hot cup of tea with your Apple Crumble – the perfect treat while enjoying the outdoors!



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