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Our Goal

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To Enhance  Outdoor Life

We are excited about 2017 and want to let everyone know how they can enjoy outside life even more with an Aquaforno or Piccoloforno.

Our recipes are designed with two things in mind – simple and delicious. We want you to enjoy your outdoor life as much as possible and with home comforts provided by an Aquaforno or Piccoloforno we also know that keeping it simple makes outdoor  life a whole lot easier!

Our recipes have been tried and tested on the Aquaforno and we have catered for a fair amount of people over the years.  One of the advantages of having an Aquaforno or Piccoloforno is that you have the choice of Ready Made or Home Made.

Our customer base has a wide spectrum of real foodies and  also those who prefer a simpler life and prefer the simplicity of ready made food- we don’t mind at all as our main concern is for everyone to optimise their own outdoor experience. And that’s the essence of life with an Aquaforno- to be able to eat whatever you choose,  – accessible fresh ingredients, easy to cook and truly delicious.

We will be filling the cookbook with all sorts of recipes to suit any occasion from all over the world showing what is possible with an Aquaforno.

We welcome any recipe ideas with photos  and of course if any of you are intrepid ‘outdoorers’ please let us know where you have taken your stove and what you cooked on it. The more faraway or remote the better, the more varied the recipes the better but old favourites are welcome too. Or if you know of a great place to go, let us know. If you have any suggestion for favourite recipes please get in touch we and will happily give it a go.

Please email with your photos and suggestions and we will compile a customer recipe gallery for everyone to enjoy.

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