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Aquaforno or Piccoloforno-Which one suits best?

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The Aquaforno or The Piccoloforno – Which size  or finish to choose?


There are two main factors to consider when buying your Aquaforno product.

How many people you will cater for and how far you will be carrying it?

The Aquaforno is designed to cater for larger numbers and if well fuelled can easily cook over 15,  12” pizzas an hour or about 20 baked potatoes in 45 minutes, with up to 1 litre of boiling water every 6 to 10 minutes (although if the fire is roaring, a cup of boiling water is only seconds away and a pizza can be cooked in as little as 90 seconds.)

When considering portability, Aquaforno bags are designed to be worn as a backpack by one user or carried by two people using the carry handles and as all Aquafornos are modular, larger groups can divide up a unit and all carry a section of the Aquaforno easily.

The Piccoloforno was developed for the needs of smaller groups from the solitary angler to couples and small families or just for people who want to have their home comforts in more remote locations. It has exactly the same features and benefits of the Aquaforno but is more compact.  For larger groups of people it is still perfectly easy to cook a fair amount of food – around 10 baked potatoes in one go for example and will cook the 10” pizzas just as fast as the Aquaforno.


Black –  The black stoves are made from high quality mild steel and coated in a high temperature paint. It is advisable to pack these units away to protect them from the elements as if left out, especially in wet weather rust will form. If they are packed away in a dry environment, the life of the unit will be prolonged.

Stainless steel – The stainless steel stoves are made from high quality stainless steel. When used the heat gives them a gold/bluish patina although they can be polished back to the original colour if necessary. These units will withstand the weather more efficiently and if rust spots occur, they can be removed with a scrubber. It is


Our stainless units are constructed of 430 Grade stainless steel drums. This is a common grade for many BBQ and Grill manufacturers as it is a robust material. The surface will tarnish quite quickly to a rustic patina but the steel is tough. It can stay outside but should be covered to prevent light decay. The high temperature areas will blue slightly but the surface finish can be brought back to as new using a scotchbrite polishing wheel if desired.

Black finish

Our black units are made of mild steel finished with a very high temperature powder coat. The finish is very effective through our normal operating temperature range but is not suited to sustained periods outside between use.

All Aquaforno units use high grade 316 stainless steel kettles as these are designed to handle the extended exposure to high heat within the unit. The kettles are designed to be removed in just a few seconds for easy cleaning. Water can be added at any time.

PACKED 29.5 cm x 44.5 cm 26.5 cm x 37 cm
UPRIGHT 99 cm 80 cm
WATER RESERVOIR 1.5 litres 900 ml
WEIGHT 18 kg 13 kg

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