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Warmed cheese and ciabatta

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A simple, delicious snack  or starter to enjoy with an Aquaforno and great for any social occasion.



1 ciabatta loaf – part-baked ( Any part baked bread can be used) Allow one loaf for 2 people.

2 or 3  or more soft cheeses -Camembert, Pie d’Angloys or Brie work really well but the choice is endless really.

Chutneys or dips – mango, red onion, red salsa. A tangy or spicy flavour cuts the creamy texture of the cheese without overwhelming the taste.


Place a part- baked ciabatta loaf on the stone in the top oven for approximately 10 minutes. 

Place cheeses in individual pans. Cast iron pans are perfect for this type of baking.

Warm for about 5 minutes. The cheeses will start to soften and melt fairly quickly so if you don’t want them to lose all of the firmness be careful not to leave them in for too long.

Serve with the warmed bread, chutneys. A nice glass of red wine goes well too!


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