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Easy Grilled Spicy Chicken with Pitta Bread

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Slice 2 chicken breasts in to long strips. (Ensures you won’t lose your dinner in the fire!)

Mix 150g plain yoghurt and 2 tbsp blended spices* together – more if you like things with a little more twang!

Add chicken to mixture and stir together so the chicken is well coated.

Cover with cling film and leave to marinate for at least an hour. This helps the meat stay moist and tender.

Place on the grill.

Turn the meat over gently during cooking until cooked through.

Serve with warmed Pitta Bread and thinly sliced iceberg lettuce and red onion. Delicious!

*These can be according to taste; Paprika, red chilli, crushed garlic, salt & pepper


Stove instructions

Start grilling when there are  glowing embers rather than high flame to prevent burning. If the meat is in larger pieces and longer cooking is required, the grill can be placed in the top oven without the pizza stone. The lower part of the oven can be used alone as a fire pit and bbq grill. Generally food will be cooked more quickly if the whole oven is used.

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