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How it all started…….

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With the launch of our new website, we thought we would start where it all began and tell you the story of Aquaforno. It all started when our daughter Poppy who was about to celebrate her 13th birthday, said she wanted to have a camp-over party with friends in her Grandfather’s field and (significantly- although we weren’t to know this at the time) to eat pizza – her favourite food. Tim then rustled up a very rudimentary contraption and placed a pizza stone at the top. We took some ready made pizzas. They turned out to tastier than usual and we realised the ‘contraption’ worked really well as a pizza oven.

Many hours later when the kids were fed and watered and in bed (although not asleep of course) We sat around what was to become the Aquaforno and realised we had perhaps planted the seed for the ultimate outdoor cooking stove – one that offered a much bigger variety of food choices with the options of oven, grill & smoker,  provided hot water on tap- (no need to wait forever for a kettle to boil exposed to the elements), could be used as a fire pit or cheminea. To cap it all, it could be taken to any location due to its telescopic design- garden or beach. In fact, one that suited our needs as keen campers and general enthusiasts of life outside. Good food, a wood fire, hot drinks are staples of a good experience when living outside.

Ease of use and good results were an important element in the further development of the stove and we believe we have in fact created an outdoor stove that acts like a ‘kitchen in a bag’. Pop it up, cook whatever you love, enjoy it as a warm focal point for any occasion, relax and pack it away in under 10 minutes if necessary. An Al fresco experience that enhances any of your favourite outdoor activities.

To date we have cooked a fair amount of food for people along the way in various settings – the beach, woodland, fields and campsites.

We did a spontaneous pop up pizza session for a Scout Camp which needless to say went down a treat with the kids and leaders combined. We have made pizzas for Jason Bradbury and the Gadget show crew while filming a review of outdoor equipment : This was a near disaster when we realised we were 30 minutes away from the location without any pizza dough which was still in the oven at home proving! Fortunately a local restaurant gave us enough pizza dough to save the day! We have spent the day with the lovely Sammy Jo, Home economist for The Hairy Bikers who baked some delicious Rye bread on our Aquaforno and discussed how to get the best out of it. The Hairy Bikers took a couple of Aquafornos for the BBC2 Northern Exposure series and cooked some delicious recipes on their travels.  We have cooked apple crumble for  the djs at Marlow Radio Station – who had to play  the music for a bit longer so they could eat the crumble! We also took the Aquaforno to BBC Radio 2 Inventors slot in 2012.

 The essence of the Aquaforno is that it can fit into anyone’s lifestyle who enjoys good food and being outside.

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