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Aquaforno II

The kitchen in a back pack

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Take your kitchen with you.

The most versatile outdoor cooking stove around. Portable, collapsible multi-fuel BBQ Grill, Pizza Oven, Rotisserie, Smoker and much more!

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All in One, for you to take anywhere

The portable cooking revolution

This unique telescopic design allows you to cater for more people with greater portability. Designed to be easily dismantled and carried within a specially designed backpack.

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Roasting, smoking, BBQ Grill

From Pizza to slow roasts the choice of food is endless. The Aquaforno can be configured easily to roast, smoke or grill . Or if you’re feeling lucky, all three at once!

Cook Book

Hot water, always on tap

An integrated water boiler. Meaning that you have a supply of hot water on demand, for cooking, cleaning or otherwise. Oh, no need to thank us, we made this with you in mind.

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UK Outdoor Awards Winner
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They like it, so will you.

The Aquaforno was designed to enhance life outdoors and keeping yourself warm is as important as feeding yourself well. Its great to sit around it and becomes the centre of any garden party or campsite

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Aquaforno II

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